Pet Monitor VIGI

Turn your iPhone, iPad, Android, or Mac into a Dog Monitor

Feeling Pet Stressed?

Your Dog Howling or Barking?

Need to Stay Late at Work?

Going Out for Dinner?

Remotely care
 your pet
 Pet Monitor VIGI

Check in on your pet when away from home. Get notified with sound and motion alerts. Watch live video. Remotely interact with your pet. Record videos and snap photos of your dog owning the house to save or share with friends and family.

Works Anywhere

Keep checking on your pet when away from home and watch live video from anywhere. Pet Camera device stays at home connected to your WiFi network. Pet Monitor device that you carry with you can use any Wi-Fi network, 3G or LTE.

Secure, Easy to Use

Simple, secure, easy to use, and reliable pet monitoring app. Works seamlessly on all Apple devices with iOS 12 or newer.

One Purchase for All Your Devices

Purchase Pet Monitor app for iPhone and iPad on your iPhone, and install it for free to your other devices. Use iOS Family Sharing to give free access to the Pet Monitor app to up to 6 family members.

Customer reviews

Best app EVER for dog owners!

Very easy to set up, even with very old iPad being used as a camera. I can now seed what my dog gets up when I am not in the room she sleeps. I can even talkt to her and reassure her if she starts whinning. 

- Age 6 boy and age 3 girl

Super Dog Monitoring App!

This app is a great video pet camera. Noise and motion alerts notify you about pet activity. In my case it is barking. I love I am able to speak to Emy and soothe her remotely. She can hear and see me at the device left at home. 

- mikie178

Love seeing my dogs!

I didn’t thing this would work once I left the house! Amazing, we were having dinner and we laughed at what they were doing! It was a lot of fun and I knew what was happening! 

- Grandma158


New mom of a Shorkie. My husband and I work during the day. I wanted to be able to monitor and to see how is she doing. This app allows me to talk to her and view her in real time. I just started using it today, but I love it already. 

- Auntie_Mimi

Frequently asked questions

What is Pet Monitor VIGI?

Pet Monitor VIGI app turns your two Apple or Android devices into a Pet Monitor with live two way audio and video streaming and activity alerts. One device runs the app in Pet Camera mode and stays at home monitoring your pet. The other device works as a Pet Monitor that you keep with you to check back home at any time and to receive alerts when Pet Camera detects noise or motion activity.

What devices are supported by the Pet Monitor VIGI?

Pet Monitor VIGI for iOS requires devices running iOS 12 and newer.

Pet Monitor VIGI for Android requires devices running Android 5.0 Lollipop and newer. This includes majority of devices running Android.

Do I need to purchase Pet Monitor VIGI app multiple times to install it to all my devices?

One purchase of Pet Monitor VIGI for iOS can be installed on up to 5 devices that use the same Apple ID for App Store purchases. Additionally you can use iOS family sharing to install the app on all devices that belong to up to 6 family members.

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One purchase of Pet Monitor VIGI for Android can be installed on all devices that use your Google account for Google Play Store. Additionally you can use Google Play Family Library to share the app for free with members of your family.

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